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Winner list of Free Ender-3 Event

Show Off UR Marvelous Work---Lucky Draw🎊

1. Share Your Best Printed Model (Or Most Special One) Below this post

2. Invite your friends or other 3D Printer loves to like your comment(Your Picture)

The Winners would be ranked by the number of the Likes

Time:April 15-April 21 (ENDED)



Thanks for all of you who joined this event. All of you did wonderful jobs and had shown us what you can do with your idea.

Let's see who is standing out from this game👇

1 Jose Emilio Albero Ledrado 2221 Likes

2 Emil Nikolov 1859 Likes

3 Ryan Oglesby 1126 Likes

4 Gavin Swanson 858 Likes

5 Melissa Magon 496 Likes

6 Casey Rinehart 370 Likes

No.1 will get an ende-r3 for free and the No.2~6 will get 1 KG PLA 3D printer filaments

Message us your phone number, address, email address and the name of receiver.


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