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If you need any help about orders, please contact us.
Tel: 00-1-805-364-5097 
(9:00 am to 6:00 pm)
If you need after-sales service and technical support, please contact us.

In order to help you solve the problem more quickly, please provide the following information for us to confirm. Thanks for your understanding.

  1. What is your printer's model?
  2. When did you buy the printer?
  3. What's the order NO.?
  4. How did you print? Online printing/SD card printing.
  5. Have you modified the printer? Such as changing some structures, flashing third-party firmware, installing electronic loads, etc.
  6. Please send the serial number, which is on a bar code sticking on side of the control box.

7.Please describe the specific problem you encountered in detail, and send a video or some pictures with the right format, which can show the issue clearly. (Important)

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