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What is the Best Way to Generate Income by 3D Printing?

3D printing technology is still a new concept to most people. However, the technology has been around for decades, and a group of savvy people has figured out how to make money with 3D printers. 3D printing technology is still a new concept to most people. 


So let's find out exactly how to make money with 3D printing!


#1: Sell Your 3D Printed Beautiful Products Online


This approach is very simple and easy to do, You can print some beautiful 3D models and sell them online, at low cost and high income. There are many platforms where you can sell 3D printed models online, if you are in China, you can sell 3D printed models on Taobao and Tmall, Jingdong, and other platforms.


For worldwide, you can choose to sell on Amazon because of the strength and popularity of these platforms, which will help your products to be seen and purchased by more people.


In addition, you can also build some popular models and print them in advance, which will save a lot of time costs and thus increase revenue. But sometimes you have to consider the consumption of filaments.


#2: Rent Your 3D Printer


Do you have friends who want to create their game prototypes? Or do you know someone who wants to get involved in 3D printing but doesn't want to spend the money? Simply put, rent your 3D printer.


Charge them a flat rate for printing, per hour, or even per day, depending on how long they want to use it, and get paid a simple fee.


But maybe the biggest risk is that you should lend to a trustworthy person so that you can ensure that you can gain while also ensuring that your machine is not destroyed or refused to return the machine.


#3: Offer 3D Printing Training Courses


Have you lifted the 3D printer for some time, do you not know how to model, slice, set the parameters of the 3D printer? Are you encountering some difficult problems but you can't solve them?


In most cases, you can deliver a course about 3D printing for people to learn online or offline, people generally choose to learn online, which will be more convenient, so it can hold a few weeks of courses, or provide one-on-one teaching.


It might be easy to make money in this way.


#4:Start 3D Printing for Businesses


Nowadays, many big firms and businesses have already started using 3D printing technology to build prototypes, but some small firms and businesses are still behind, so this is your great opportunity to enter and expand your business for small firms.


If you are good at 3D model designing and 3D printing, you can go to construction companies to design building models for them, compared to the traditional model, so as to improve efficiency and cost savings, once these small companies get revenue from it, so you can expand your business as your reputation becomes better.


#5: 3D Print Jewelry


If you are a keen fashion designer, you can design 3D models of necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. the love for attractiveness is native to humans, this is a great option for you. Because of the love of beauty, people are always looking for the latest trends and accessories to go with their new outfits.


These ornaments are easy to print, don't require a lot of filaments, and don't take a long time to print. Sounds like a win-win situation for you.


Here are five ways to make money with 3D printing technology, as above-mentioned, some methods are easy to make money, some methods are very risky, but whatever you choose, we hope you can make money with 3D printing in 2022.


Happy printing.