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Father's Day Giveaway! Enter More, Win More!

Fathers are more easily overlooked by us than mothers, but they seem to be used to this. Do you remember those unforgettable and beautiful stories you have with your father? What have you learned from your father? Write it down and share it with everyone for a chance to win a free 3D printer. Father's Day is coming up soon, let's stay with our father, it's the best gift for him. Remember not to express your love for your father only on social media. Time waits for no man, he will grow old little by little. So, please spend more time with him, maybe your father never says "I love you, dear", but he always loves you. Love is not just a word, but a kind of action. 

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And what will have in Father's Day giveaway? Read on! Mysterious 3D printer!
We prepare the following free printers(in US stock) for our US customers:   
Creality3D CR-10 V2 3D Printer , worth $379.99

7 new enhancements---Improved user experience with more new features:
DIY Fun & Stable Performances
I.Dual Port Hot End Cooling Fans  Cool down filaments fast
2.Changeable Imported Titan Direct Drive (Non-standard equipped)
3 .Meanwell 350W Power Supply Generate stable electricity
4 .AII-metal Extruding Kit  Sturdy and wear-resisting
5.BL-touch(auto-leveling function) can be added (Non-standard equipped)
6 .Ultra quiet TMC2208 Motherboard Silent printing, low decibel
7 .Resume printing function Filament Sensor

And we prepare the following free printers(in EU stock) for our European customers: 
Creality3D LD-002R UV Resin LCD 3D Printer , worth $230.00
9 features:
1. 2K screen Final Prints with Fine texture
2. 0.02-0.05MM precision
3. 4X/8X Anti-aliasing
4. 5.5-in LCD printing screen Printing volume 120*65*165mm
5. Print speed at 20-30mm/h
6. Air purification
7. Ball linear rails smooth Z-axis travel
8. Quick leveling
9. All-new resin vat structure
Father's Day Giveaway Instructions

1. Winners will be randomly drawn from all successful entries once the giveaway has commenced
2. Prizes Include:
Two Mysterious 3D Printer for 2 Winners
3.  June 8 at 7:00AM --- June 19 at 11:59PM  (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

How to Enter:
1. Sign up for the giveaway by entering your email on the page linked above
2. Complete the actions highlighted on the giveaway page to earn entries
3. Earn as many entries as you can before the giveaway closes - the more entries you have, the more chance to win!

Enter via the link:
That's all about it!

Good luck & have fun! We are very happy there are so many of you love 3D printing! Hopefully, you can win your Creality 3D printer here!

You can also share with your friends to get more entries~ the more entries you have, the more chance to win!
If you share your story with your father in this post below which is appreciated and also can get the entries!

Finally, happy father's day to all fathers! Thank you!