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CR Touch Auto Bed Leveling Unboxing & Review

On June 9th, we had invited our customers to fill in a questionnaire about CR-Touch. Nearly 2,500 customers have taken the survey. 72.6% of them own at least one auto bed levelling sensor which is mostly BL Touch. When using the auto bed levelling sensor, setting up firmware seems to be a big problem. We‘re glad to help our customers to solve their problems. So, we have invited some Youtubers to make reviews on CR Touch.

Why you should need an auto bed levelling sensor? The differences between CR Touch and BL Touch? How to set up? How it works? Watch these video below to find the answers!

Lastly, thanks for the excellent video from our Youtubers!


CR Touch is a Creality 3D research institute self-developed 3D printer platform leveling solution based on hundreds of millions of users' data used by the creators.

Compared with the traditional automatic leveling, it is compatible with more 3D printer platforms, more stable, and cost-effective.
CR Touch is upgraded to a metal probe, which reduces wear and tear and greatly prolongs its service life.
Download the CR Touch program and copy it to the TF/SD card. Insert it directly into the card slot of the 3D printer. The program can be updated after power on.

Applies to:

  • Ender Serie: Ender-3/Ender-3 pro/Ender-3 V2/Ender-3 MAX/Ender-5/Ender-5 pro
  • CR Serie: CR-10
  • Only applies to 3D printers with a 32-bit 4.2.2/4.2.7 motherboard.

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