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CR-10 VS CR-10S VS CR-10 V2

CR-10 has caught many customer’s eyes since it released in mid-2017, Creality, as a potential 3d printer manufacturer based in China, we focus on making high standard 3d printing equipment. with follow-up models such as the improved Creality CR-10S. As of 2019, it is still one of the most copied designs in the 3D printing cosmos. And two years after the introduction of the CR-10, Creality has released a direct successor in the CR-10 V2. For the three printers, lots of people are confused with the difference. After reading this article, you will be enlightened. 

The differences between CR-10S and CR-10


CR-10 has a large build size of 300*300*400mm to give more opportunity for you to image and create while ensuring accuracy and quality. Although there is a large size, the installation takes only 10 minutes. It has the industrial-grade circuit board, working continuously for 200 hours without pressure. The Linear pulley system is a patented technology, V-profile and precision pulley with perfect, running more smoothly, more wear-resistant and less noise. Newly upgraded larger leveling nuts with humanized design, in line with ergonomics, levels more convenient. The MK10 extrusion mechanism is a brand-new patented infrastructure that effectively reduces the risk of plugging and poor spillage, and can print almost all filaments on the market.

CR-10S is an upgraded version of CR-10. The machine parameters are quite the same. But there’s a lot have been upgraded, such as the Z-axis screw, upgraded motherboard, resume printing, and broken material detection.




1. The Z-axis screw: CR-10S upgrades the Z-axis double screw, more stable lifting, and higher printing accuracy.
2. Upgraded motherboard: Equipped with Creality 3D V2.1 motherboard, CR-10S can constantly print 200 hours without pressure, with quality assurance and industrial-grade process.
3. Resume printing function: CR-10S can resume printing while power-off. The motherboard is fully upgraded and supports continuous power failure, which effectively reduces model scrapping caused by power outages.
4. Filament breakage sensor: CR-10S does equip with broken material detection. When the filament runs out or disconnected, the printer will automatically be suspended to ensure the model can be smoothly printed. 


The differences between CR-10 and CR-10 V2 

CR-10 V2 is released in 2019, with friendly UI, new firmware, and separate console. There is the Bowden extruding unit imported titan direct drive. Adding the all-metal extrusion unit, it ensures models with high quality. And it’s great for printing TPU. The dual-port cooling fan extruder can evenly heat-dissipate and immediately cool down, reducing plugging and poor-spillage. High-quality V-profile selected is more stable without any vibration, smooth to print with high precision. Self-developed industrial-grade motherboard and TMC2208 ultra-silent drive are adopted, bring the more stable running, noise reduction, and compression resistance. Solid 350W Meanwell power supplies pairs with thermally efficient bed heater and allows for rapid heating to 100℃. There are also resume printing functions and filament breakage sensor. BL-Touch can be added by yourself, enjoying more fun of DIY your own 3d printer. Carborundum glass platform is easy to remove the model and no-warping.

CR-10 V2 is also an upgraded version of CR-10. but it is with a triangle structure, which prints more stable as it looks. What about the differences? Let’s move on for more details, below are the main update of the CR-10V2:




1. Dual-port hot end cooling fans, cooling down filaments fast, more stable, more safety.
2. Imported titan direct drive, it’s wear-resistant and durable. and filament can be smoothly feed in.
3. Meanwell 350W power supply, it can generate stable electricity.
4. The extruding kit of CR-10 V2 is all metal. It’s sturdy and wear-resistant.
5. BL-touch(auto-leveling function) can be added to CR-10 V2. It’s convenient to level and save time.
6. CR-10 V2 has the ultra-quiet TMC2208 motherboard with silent printing and lower decibel.
7. Resume printing function, recovering from potential print failures before they happen.
8. Filament breakage sensor, saving your filaments when a strike occurs. And CR-10 doesn’t have this function.


The difference between CR-10 V2 and CR-10S

What about the CR-10V2 and CR-10S? with the same printing size and the same has double motor screw rods and patented V-profile design. And both have the filament sensor and resume printing function. Yes, you can pretty much say that CR-10V2 is an upgraded of both CR-10 and CR-10S. here are the main difference between CR-10S and CR-10S V2.



1. CR-10 V2 with TMC2208 ultra-quiet drive, high performance and stability, noise reduction, and compression resistance. That is most friends care about if it prints with more noises while CR-10S has the normal V2.1 motherboard.

2. There’s a connector on CR-10 V2 so that it can be equipped with titan direct extruder, for better print with TPU. Although CR-10S can not, the MK10 extrusion mechanism can also enable you to print with a good result with no plugging. Well, if you need to print with two kinds of filament, you definitely will get a CR-10 V2.

3. CR-10 V2 comes with carbon crystal silicon glass, printing with strong adhesion and easy to take the model without warping.

4. CR-10 V2 with Meanwell power supply, more friendly and reliable for you. 

5. Both CR-10S and CR-10 V2 can be added with BLtouch for auto-leveling. Most friends are worried about the bed leveling when you received the printer, sometimes it drives them crazy. This really helps a lot with bl touch.